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The Art of Class, For the Ladies

It is a Saturday night. The coolest night club in town has a crowd building outside it.  There is a buzz in the air.  I am waiting in line, keeping an eye out for my partner in crime who has yet to arrive.  My black silk cropped pants, and black tank top sprinkled with silver sequins are comfortable.  The sequins draw attention to my favorite feature, my collarbone.  Turquoise Jourdan pumps, neon orange crystal earrings and a silk shawl are my only accessories.  My hair is pinned up and I am sporting a smokey eye and nude lips.  I get complimented on my shoes, earrings and shawl.

As I start to survey the women in line and on the street, I see there a theme to their attire: super tight mini-dress, platform stiletto heels and a lot of mascara.  At 36 years old, I don’t understand the new trend to expose as much of our bodies as possible in the tightest outfits.  At twenty I was always conscious of where to draw the line on how much of my body I exposed when out on the town.  I am by no means conservative, but I always make an effort to create a balance between the sexy and classy.  Really, that’s all the art of class is about, balance.

My formula is simple:

1. Pick one body part you would like to show off and downplay everything else but that.

2. Flatter your figure, don’t expose it.

3. Less is more.

For example. I might wear a sweetheart strappy top with a vintage shawl.  My skirt would fall to my knees.  My heels would be a bright color and comfortable.  My earrings would be small but sparkly.  My makeup sultry but not over done and I’d probably pin up my hair in some way.


Nothing but a hint of cleavage, arms shoulders and shins are exposed.  You can’t see my butt cheeks nor can you see down my top.  Nothing is too tight and my accessories are small enough so as not to be overwhelming.  All attention is drawn to my smile and my collarbone.  Now that is sexy as anything, but also very very classy.

So ladies, I challenge you to try something a little different the next time you go out.  Think about how your outfit flatters your figure and what it draws attention to.  Consider what your first impression might be and have you created a balanced look both classy and sexy?  Take pictures.  Have fun.  And send your “Before and After” photo to info@stylesmartsensei.com if you’d like your results featured!

Your Style Sensei,



  1. Love this post! Featuring one ‘body part’ has always been my rule of thumb as well – if you skirt is a little short, than keep everything else covered, etc. I think the same rule can be applied to going-out make up – if you go heavy on the eye makeup, let that be the focal point. No need to paint your whole face.

    • Jamie, you’re on the money – the same rules apply to make-up. I adore doing a bright vivid lip with a soft lash. This draws the eye upward and away from any problem areas I might want to keep on the down-low. Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Balance” is a great philosophy, especially when it comes to choosing one part of face or outfit to focus on. Thanks for the advice!

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