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5 Things You Need to Know About Dressing for Your Body Shape


Photo courtesy of Smarts Snobs

Body shape – we are obsessed with it.  Either we are too big, too small, not curvy enough not skinny enough or not lump-free enough.  We can spend tons of money getting this nipped and that tucked, but the best solution to fixing our imperfections is not to fix them at all.

No single body is exactly alike and no single perception of your body is alike.  We just have to embrace all our lumps, bumps, curves, and edges and figure out the best way to dress for our shape.

Here are 5 things you need to know about dressing for your body shape:

  1. Accept your body for what it looks like.  If you are short you will never be tall.  Unless plastic surgery IS an option for you, your body shape will not change.  Be realistic when you think about your body.
  2. Everyone has a general body shape, learn yours.  Are you an apple? a pear? an hour glass? a column? an inverted triangle? or an oval?
  3. Different cuts of clothes and fabric textures fall on your body in ways that may complement or exaggerate your shape.  Ex. If you are a pear shape, you might wear a top with a ruffled chest or sleeve to add depth to your narrow shoulders and petite bust.  You might do the same as a column to give the appearance of a bust.  But if you are an inverted triangle, all those ruffles are going to do is make your shoulders look BIGGER!
  4. Use colour to help create a balanced shape.  Ex. Use monochromatic colours if you are round or full bodied in the middle as this helps keep a clean line from head to toe.  If you are an inverted triangle wear a lighter pant with texture or a print to draw the eye away from the broad shoulders and wear a dark coloured top.
  5. Just because its on trend or in fashion doesn’t mean it will flatter your figure.  Ex. If you are pear shaped you likely cannot wear any skirt above the knee so mini’s just won’t work for you no matter how good they look on the model or mannequin.

Remember these the next time you are standing in front of the mirror, contemplating the size of your waist or the length of your torso.  Ask yourself, “What can I do to create the illusion of a balanced figure?”

Not sure what shape you are or what cut of clothing might solve your unbalanced figure?  Leave a comment and I’ll help you figure it out!  Also, keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed look at the different body shapes and smart tips and tricks on dressing them in upcoming posts.

Your Style Sensei,


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