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50 Shades of Grey a.k.a. The Groutfit

I was watching “The Social” the other day and introduced the new fashion term, “groutfit” which actually means wearing two or more items that are grey in a monochromatic look. Stylist Erica Ward suggested that the best way to wear a groutfit is to layer different colours and textures of grey.  Some of the outfits on the show incorporated fur, patent leather, wool, cashmere and some brought in a print into the mix.


I think all of this is fantastic however, some people just can’t or don’t know how to wear grey. Grey is a tricky color.  If you wear the wrong shade essentially it can wash your face out causing a sallow, sick looking face – quite literally a grey face!  What is the solution? Find the right tone of grey and make sure that you wear that tone around/near your face.  Remember the summer, winter, fall and spring colours? Warm vs. cold tones? This ensures that you avoid the dark circled, old and tired look.

The monochromatic look is pretty cool and sleek looking, but if you love colour and want to add it, bring in a bright lipstick or colourful eye.  Alternatively, just add one accessory in colour.  Grey is the new black, it goes with everything so red, pink, green, navy – they will all match!  Try it on in the shoes or the handbag or even your tuque!

grey 2grey

One last thing about monochromatic – this is a great option for ladies who want to hide the fact that they don’t have a waist or that they are too short. It helps to elongate the figure and slim you.  If slimming is particularly important I would avoid too much bulk from fur and ruffles!

To view some of the styles Erica Wark put together, visit The Social’s page here.

What’s your take on grey on grey?

Your Style Sensei,


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  1. Meg Nakano says

    When I visited Kyoto every other week, I was struck by the elegance of all the ladies wearing gray.. with style, it can almost be a vibrant color. With an accent piece, it can keep the focus on what you want the focus on…

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