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How to wear designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price  

Last year I was invited to a fancy gala for the Toronto International Film Festival. I was thrilled to be going, but like most women I had plenty of cocktail dresses and nothing gala-worthy to consider. I wasn’t keen on spending several hundred dollars on a dress either. 

I knew that you could rent designer handbags and dresses in New York and wondered if this could be the case in Toronto. I went on a google hunt and found Rent Frock Repeat a designer dress rental boutique in the west end.

I signed up for an account and was able to enter my size, body shape and other preferences.  I was also able to shop online for dresses using a variety of intuitive search filters.  I found three dresses I was really interested in wearing, saved them in my profile with notes, then reserved a free stylist session to go and try the dresses on.

When I arrived they had my dresses ready to try, including a couple they had selected for me.   As I tried on each dress they would write notes in my online profile about how it looked, sizing and etc. so that my favorites could be saved for future events.  

 The best part was, they delivered my dress two days before the event with a prepaid return delivery bag. All I had to do was wear the dress, fold it back into the return bag and drop it to the post office.  No dry cleaning hassle, no running around the city to pick up and drop off the dress. It was all so convenient and simple! 

Not only did I look amazing in the dress, it only cost $150 to rent.  I have been a regular user since!  

Have you used RFR before? Or have you ever considered renting designer?  Share your experiences in the comments below!

Your Style Sensei,


**No one at RFR asked me to write about this. I had such a great experience I thought I’d share this service with the women of Toronto.

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