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Guide to right jacket style for your body shape

Here is my guide on buying the right jacket to fit your body shape.


Since we are heavier on the bum and thighs and tiny in the waist and upper body, we want to draw the eye upwards with a nice ruffled collar or fur collar or some fun detailing.  The waist should be belted or have a tapered/faux waistline with an a-line or flare bottom.  Make sure the length falls to the knee!  If it’s too short, not only will you be cold, but the eye will be drawn down to your problem areas.



We want to play down our bulky or too broad upper and midsection and show off our legs.  The best jackets for this body type are structured, with little detail and an empire waist.  No ruffles or bows and etc as these will add more bulk to the problem areas.


We want to add curves so have fun with ruffles and collars, buttons and other fun details to help give you curves.  No straight jackets!

Inverted Triangles:

Right now, capes are back in fashion and they are perfect for this shape – just make sure they aren’t too long.  The objective here is to draw the eye downward to your hot bum and great legs!


We have the so-called perfect shape and want to accentuate our waist!  We get to play too, big collars, cinched waists, buttons, fur – you name it!

Your Style Sensei,


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