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5 tips to 5 minute makeup

Do you skip the makeup routine altogether because it takes too much time?  Or does it take forever to do your makeup in the mornings and you want to cut down?

As a makeup artist I love doing makeup, but sometimes I just don’t have the time.  Here are 5 tips to 5 minute makeup that will make sure your face looks as put together as your outfit!

1.  Use a tinted moisturizer or moisturizing foundation. This will provide coverage and moisture without having to go through the primer and concealer stages. (1 minute)

2.  Instead of an eye liner or pencil use a shadow  and an broad angled brush to swipe on colour along the lashes. It will go on like liner but in a dusty way so you don’t have to worry about a perfect line. (1 minute)

3.  You can use a clear or tinted mascara to shape your brows.  The applicator does all the work for you. (45 seconds)

4.  Apply mascara to the bottom lashes first so that you don’t transfer mascara to the top lid, avoiding cleanup time. Or use a clear mascara to avoid transfer altogether. (1 minute)

5. Rouge the cheeks for some colour and contour and you’re done! (30 seconds)

Your StyleSensei,


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