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The “how to” guide of mixing and matching colour

Most people are attracted to a specific group of colours and for good reason, they typically look great on us. This is the first key to mixing and matching, colour.

My favorite colours are red, hot pink, emerald green, navy blue, grey, mushroom and black.

In my colour mix I have 4 staple colours that are easily matched with other colours; grey, mushroom, navy and black.

The great thing about the other colours in this palette is that they are also easily matched with each other, so that I can make many different combinations of two, three and four colours.

Not everyone has as versatile palette but I hope you see my point, which is to use colour as a guide when shopping. Buy variations in print, cut and style of your favorite colours and neutrals and make sure you also thread these colours into your accessories. You’ll find it much easier to mix and match outfits this way.

Share examples of your new mix n’ match outfits. Or ask me questions about your colours and pieces. You can email me at and I will feature your photos, questions and answers in an upcoming blog.

Happy sharing and commenting!

Your Style Sensei,


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