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Facial products I live by

At my age, I’ve started worrying about wrinkles, skin elasticity and the like.  Just over a year ago I found a product I’m in love with so I thought I’d share it with you.

Vivierskin is a Canadian skin care line and I use two of their products.  The vitamin C scrub is amazing and cleans and scrubs my skin thoroughly but gently.

Vivierskin Vitamin C Scrub

I follow this scrub with a rosewater toner by Burt’s Bees and end with Viver’s C E Peptides which is a medical grade vitamin C and E serum that has completely transformed my skin.  My skin looks dewy and youthful and I don’t find the need to wear any foundation.  My skin is so happy!


Vivierskin C E Peptides


Burt’s Bees toner

What skin care regime do you use/recommend?

Your Style Sensei


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