Jeanette EmeryStyleSmart began in Tokyo, Japan at the suggestion of a good friend after spending several hours going through her dusty out-of-date closet. After many, “I’d never have tried that!” and “Wow, that makes a huge difference!” exclamations,  she started to build a new understanding of her style, body shape, wardrobe contents and a newfound confidence.

She came back to me two weeks later saying “I’ve never had so many compliments on how I look as I’ve had in the last two weeks!  You should do this for a living!!”  Thank goodness for her suggestion!

I became a teacher of style a.k.a Style Sensei.  Since 2007, my client list has grown exponentially and I now work with men and women from all walks of life and across the globe; Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Australia and Canada.

What makes me different?? I’m not all about fashion and keeping up with the latest designer trends, it’s an important part of my work, but I choose to focus on an individual’s style. We take a good look at who you are, inside and out to discover how you would like to present yourself to the world.  We challenge your old ideas about your body and your current dress code.  Together we shape what your style is and I teach you how to create it.  Finally you learn how to maintain that style and image and let it grow and evolve as you do.

I look forward to bringing video tips, workshops and tailored consultations to a closet near you!  I encourage you to participate in the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences and to ask questions!

Your Style Sensei,


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