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Mother’s Day gift ideas

Having a personal stylist come make your mother look and feel like a million bucks is the best Mother’s Day gift she could ask for. She will feel spoiled and full of confidence after a session with Style Sensei.  Whether we dive into her closet or take her shopping, she will learn the best cuts of clothing, colours and trends for her body type and style. She will be thanking you for years to come! To get you motivated I’m offering a 20% discount on each of my services for Mother’s Day, just email me and we’ll set things up! Your Style Sensei, Jeanette

Luscious Lashes

Have you always wanted lusciously long lashes? If you’re like me then you’ve tried every trick out there to achieve the luscious look without any real results. The first time I tried eyes lash extensions I thought I would never go back to living without them. They looked STUNNING and literally stopped people in their tracks to ogle and stare. The only problem was that I kept losing my own lashes so that when I removed the extensions my lashes were very sparse.   Then I decided to try a growth serum but I wasn’t quite ready to spend $125+ on Latisse so I did much research and decided to try Careprost – the generic Latisse which costs 1/3 the price.  So I purchased two bottles online and started applying with an eyeliner brush once a day in November 2015       Now my lashes are full, long and beautiful.  The only side effect is that my eyelids have darkened in colour. I am so pleased with the results! What is your experience with …

Shoes, shoes and sneakers?

I have a slight love affair with shoes, so I am always window shopping the new styles of the season.   I noticed on my recent shop that 70’s trends are back with a vengeance in shoes, particularly with sneakers.  Ladies if you want some height in your sneakers, do away with the wedge – the new look is a platform sneaker. Capezio at the Eaton’s Centre has a selection of sneakers in a satin like fabric in camel and navy. They are quite lovely with a good inch platform.  I like the platform sneaker look much better than the wedge.  I think it matches the shape and image of a sneaker much better. I found these cuties at Zara.  I think you can really achieve a diversity of looks with the silver theme.  Dark high waisted jeans with a v neck crop top! Where did you find your favourite sneakers for spring? Share your stories and photos below! Your Style Sensei Jeanette

All about gel nails

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more feminine than a beautifully manicured hand. That’s why I get gel manicures on a regular basis.  I go to the same salon each time because they use bio seaweed gel which is free from the dangerous chemicals found in shellac and other gels.  This ensures my nails don’t turn yellow or weaken over time.  In addition, this salon uses builder gel to help keep the nail strong and grow healthy. Nails on Yonge is at Gerrard and Jarvis.  It’s nothing fancy but Emily does amazing nails!  Where do you go?  What is your favourite nail shape?  Show me your favourite gel nail looks! Your Style Sensei Jeanette      

Contest alert! Start 2016 with a new look!

This contest is for men and women in the Toronto area to win a free StyleSmart experience. Either a Shop-a-Holic Smarts or Closet Smarts consultation with your Style Sensei, Jeanette. (Valued at $650) One runner up will receive a 40% discount off their choice of service. What do you have to do?  Share your favorite outfit and tell me why you like it so much. It’s that easy! Here’s how: 1.  Submit a short video or provide full length clear colour photos showing yourself in your outfit in full frame to your Style Sensei. Don’t forget to include your full name and the best way to reach you. 2.  Describe why you love the outfit so much. The colour? Fashion? Textures? Fit? What it hides? What it emphasizes? 3.  Share a style problem you need the most help with. 4.  Submissions are due on December 31st.  I will announce and feature the winner here on January 16th so don’t forget to follow my blog! Good luck! Your Style Sensei, Jeanette **Permission to use your name …