Styling Services

Style Smarts $250+

Do you feel frumpy and out of style?  Did you get a promotion that requires a more polished look?  Are you a returning to work after a break?  Let Style Sensei help you look your best every day.  Learn the best styles and colours for your body so that you feel confident in what you wear every day.  Fill out a survey and meet with Style Sensei and receive a take home packet with your personal style summary.

Shopaholic Smarts  $800+

Do you hate combing through the racks, only to leave empty handed?  Do you often end up buying items you never wear or want to return? (Or worse never return!) Do you spend a lot of money on clothes that you can never seem to match properly?  Let Style Sensei make shopping a manageable and enjoyable experience for you.  Learn all you need to know about how and where to shop within your budget, and create a wardrobe that suits you perfectly.  This is an in person shopping experience with your Style Sensei.  A minimum of four hours is required.

Closet Smarts $800+

Is your closet always a mess?  Do you have trouble choosing and finding something to wear?  Do you have multiple wardrobes?  Let Style Sensei make it easier for you to pull outfits together in the morning.  Learn how best to layout your closet, make better use of the clothes within and get rid of the rest.  You’ll save time and feel less stressed about what to wear.  This is an in person session in your closet with your Style Sensei. Time required depends on the size of your wardrobe.

Special Event Smarts $100+

Have an event you want to make an impression at?  Do you have to dress up in costume and don’t know what to wear?  Let Style Sensei help design a unique look for your special occasion. Get advice and resources on everything from hair and make-up, to costume design and footwear.  You’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd with this one!

Make-up Services

Daily make-up, lesson and application $60

Evening make-up, lesson and application $80

Wedding make-up is priced by size of group, please email your Style Sensei for a quote

Ladies Night $200+

Let Style Sensei dish out industry secrets and make up tips for you and your friends at your next ladies night. Learn tricks of the trade on everything from eyebrow shaping to smokey eye application.  Whether its a birthday party, bachelorette party or just a girls night in, customize the event to get the most out of your time with Style Sensei.