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Mother’s Day gift ideas

Having a personal stylist come make your mother look and feel like a million bucks is the best Mother’s Day gift she could ask for. She will feel spoiled and full of confidence after a session with Style Sensei.  Whether we dive into her closet or take her shopping, she will learn the best cuts of clothing, colours and trends for her body type and style. She will be thanking you for years to come! To get you motivated I’m offering a 20% discount on each of my services for Mother’s Day, just email me and we’ll set things up! Your Style Sensei, Jeanette

5 Things You Need to Know About Dressing for Your Body Shape

Photo courtesy of Smarts Snobs Body shape – we are obsessed with it.  Either we are too big, too small, not curvy enough not skinny enough or not lump-free enough.  We can spend tons of money getting this nipped and that tucked, but the best solution to fixing our imperfections is not to fix them at all. No single body is exactly alike and no single perception of your body is alike.  We just have to embrace all our lumps, bumps, curves, and edges and figure out the best way to dress for our shape. Here are 5 things you need to know about dressing for your body shape: Accept your body for what it looks like.  If you are short you will never be tall.  Unless plastic surgery IS an option for you, your body shape will not change.  Be realistic when you think about your body. Everyone has a general body shape, learn yours.  Are you an apple? a pear? an hour glass? a column? an inverted triangle? or an oval? Different cuts of …

Your Style Sensei, Jeanette Emery

Hello and welcome to the StyleSmart blog courtesy of me, your Style Sensei Jeanette Emery, nice to meet you!  I am very good at teaching people how to dress in clothes they love and look fabulous in.  Like the hosts of “What Not to Wear” and other such makeover shows, I work with normal everyday people who just want to look good, don’t know how to look good or have no sense of how they want to look.   My approach as a Style Sensei is typically very hands on, I like to be next to my subject, in front of a mirror with clothes, a keen eye, clothes clips and a smile.  But in this blog I will try to teach you all the tips and tricks I know about everything from body shape to cuts of clothing, to colour and camouflage.  My goal is to provide as much visual evidence as I can so that you can get a good grasp of my teachings and are easily able to apply them to you. As …