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Mother’s Day gift ideas

Having a personal stylist come make your mother look and feel like a million bucks is the best Mother’s Day gift she could ask for. She will feel spoiled and full of confidence after a session with Style Sensei.  Whether we dive into her closet or take her shopping, she will learn the best cuts of clothing, colours and trends for her body type and style. She will be thanking you for years to come! To get you motivated I’m offering a 20% discount on each of my services for Mother’s Day, just email me and we’ll set things up! Your Style Sensei, Jeanette

Shoes, shoes and sneakers?

I have a slight love affair with shoes, so I am always window shopping the new styles of the season.   I noticed on my recent shop that 70’s trends are back with a vengeance in shoes, particularly with sneakers.  Ladies if you want some height in your sneakers, do away with the wedge – the new look is a platform sneaker. Capezio at the Eaton’s Centre has a selection of sneakers in a satin like fabric in camel and navy. They are quite lovely with a good inch platform.  I like the platform sneaker look much better than the wedge.  I think it matches the shape and image of a sneaker much better. I found these cuties at Zara.  I think you can really achieve a diversity of looks with the silver theme.  Dark high waisted jeans with a v neck crop top! Where did you find your favourite sneakers for spring? Share your stories and photos below! Your Style Sensei Jeanette

Hey you! Yes YOU! Why haven’t you submitted your contest entry yet?

Originally posted on STYLESMARTSENSEI.COM:
??This contest is for men and women in the Toronto area to win a free StyleSmart experience. Either a Shop-a-Holic Smarts or Closet Smarts consultation with your Style Sensei, Jeanette. (Valued at $650) One runner up will receive a 40% discount off their choice of service. What do you have to do? ?Share your favorite outfit and tell me why you like it so much. It’s that easy! Here’s how: 1. ?Submit a short video or provide full length clear colour photos showing yourself in your outfit in full frame to your Style Sensei. Don’t forget to include your full name and the best way to reach you.? 2. ?Describe why you love the outfit so much. The colour? Fashion? Textures? Fit? What it hides? What it emphasizes? 3. ?Share a style problem you need the most help with.? 4. ?Submissions are due on December 31st. ?I will announce and feature the winner here on January 16th so don’t forget to follow my blog!? Good luck! Your Style Sensei, Jeanette…

The “how to” guide of mixing and matching colour

Most people are attracted to a specific group of colours and for good reason, they typically look great on us. This is the first key to mixing and matching, colour. My favorite colours are red, hot pink, emerald green, navy blue, grey, mushroom and black. In my colour mix I have 4 staple colours that are easily matched with other colours; grey, mushroom, navy and black. The great thing about the other colours in this palette is that they are also easily matched with each other, so that I can make many different combinations of two, three and four colours. Not everyone has as versatile palette but I hope you see my point, which is to use colour as a guide when shopping. Buy variations in print, cut and style of your favorite colours and neutrals and make sure you also thread these colours into your accessories. You’ll find it much easier to mix and match outfits this way. Share examples of your new mix n’ match outfits. Or ask me questions about your colours …

How to wear designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price  

Last year I was invited to a fancy gala for the Toronto International Film Festival. I was thrilled to be going, but like most women I had plenty of cocktail dresses and nothing gala-worthy to consider. I wasn’t keen on spending several hundred dollars on a dress either.  I knew that you could rent designer handbags and dresses in New York and wondered if this could be the case in Toronto. I went on a google hunt and found Rent Frock Repeat a designer dress rental boutique in the west end. I signed up for an account and was able to enter my size, body shape and other preferences.  I was also able to shop online for dresses using a variety of intuitive search filters.  I found three dresses I was really interested in wearing, saved them in my profile with notes, then reserved a free stylist session to go and try the dresses on. When I arrived they had my dresses ready to try, including a couple they had selected for me.   As I …

50 Shades of Grey a.k.a. The Groutfit

I was watching “The Social” the other day and introduced the new fashion term, “groutfit” which actually means wearing two or more items that are grey in a monochromatic look. Stylist Erica Ward suggested that the best way to wear a groutfit is to layer different colours and textures of grey.  Some of the outfits on the show incorporated fur, patent leather, wool, cashmere and some brought in a print into the mix. I think all of this is fantastic however, some people just can’t or don’t know how to wear grey. Grey is a tricky color.  If you wear the wrong shade essentially it can wash your face out causing a sallow, sick looking face – quite literally a grey face!  What is the solution? Find the right tone of grey and make sure that you wear that tone around/near your face.  Remember the summer, winter, fall and spring colours? Warm vs. cold tones? This ensures that you avoid the dark circled, old and tired look. The monochromatic look is pretty cool and sleek …

the art of class - for the ladies

The Art of Class, For the Ladies

It is a Saturday night. The coolest night club in town has a crowd building outside it.  There is a buzz in the air.  I am waiting in line, keeping an eye out for my partner in crime who has yet to arrive.  My black silk cropped pants, and black tank top sprinkled with silver sequins are comfortable.  The sequins draw attention to my favorite feature, my collarbone.  Turquoise Jourdan pumps, neon orange crystal earrings and a silk shawl are my only accessories.  My hair is pinned up and I am sporting a smokey eye and nude lips.  I get complimented on my shoes, earrings and shawl. As I start to survey the women in line and on the street, I see there a theme to their attire: super tight mini-dress, platform stiletto heels and a lot of mascara.  At 36 years old, I don’t understand the new trend to expose as much of our bodies as possible in the tightest outfits.  At twenty I was always conscious of where to draw the line on how much of my body …